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About Us


Packits was invented by two brothers from Wisconsin, Tom and Dominic Trinko, who grew an early love for reading and building with Legos into a passion for inventing, and developed a business that specializes in designing and creating new ideas for the market. 

Packits came about as a solution to a common problem parents face, disposal of diapers at home and away from home.  

With two sons each, the Trinko brothers have plenty of experience with diaper changing, and invented Packits as a convenient, cheap, and portable solution for parents.  
But it was immediately apparent as they started showing the product to friends and neighbors, that Packits had a lot more use than just for its original use. 

Pet owners find the product ideal for walking the dog or cleaning out the litter box.  Packits is excellent to have with in the car, and is the perfect size for disposal of fast food wrappers and soda bottles.  

Packits is a thin yet very durable bag, with 200 fitting in a compact package that is totally portable and environmentally friendly.

Contact Us

For any more information about pack-its, or any large purchases feel free to contact us.


Phone: (269)519-8308

Adress: 1400 S Van Dyke Rd, Appleton, WI 54914

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